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  • Our unique design criteria provides assurance that we can meet   the toughest challenges.
  • Parts for existing blast booths can be obtained from Rays Welding Shop Inc.
We Solve Problems


Hoffman Blast II completed the installation of an automated barge blasting and painting facility. The facility is designed to blast the exterior of the barge, automated and then manually paint the barge in the next station!

- McGinnis Barge,

South Point, OH

Hoffman Blast II completed the installation of a railcar blast and paint facility designed to blast and paint 60 railcars per day!

- National Alabama Corporation,

Cherokee, AL


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Hoffman Blast II by Circle R Industries does not offer any equipment to be used with silica sand or any product consisting of 1% of silica sand.

Hoffman Blast II is a product name only and is designed, marketed, manufactured and usually installed by Circle R Industries. Hoffman Blast II by Circle R Industries does not design, engineer or manufacture any of the products used in the blasting process. These items are all outsourced from reliable manufactures within the industry who specialize in each of the products required. All design criteria and manufacturing of these outside vended products are provided by each of those chosen vendors.

Hoffman Blast II by Circle R Industries designs, engineers, manufactures and provides only equipment to contain, recover, reclaim and recycle silica-free dry abrasives. In addition, Hoffman Blast II provides equipment which controls the work environment inside the blasting facility at an acceptable level according to and acceptable with industry standards.


530 Curtis Ray

Midlothian, TX  76065